What is Shiatsu?

Namikoshi Shiatsu

Applied with the thumbs, fingers and palms, Namikoshi Shiatsu is the official shiatsu of Japan and is entirely based in modern anatomy and physiology. Through the application of pressure to specific points along the body, Namikoshi Shiatsu directly affects the nervous system, which in turn affects the internal physiological systems of the body. Founder Tokujiro Namikoshi discovered a mechanism through which touch applied to the surface of the body reflexes to the internal organs, thereby releasing blockages and evoking the body’s own healing power. According to Tokujiro Namikoshi, “The heart of shiatsu is like pure maternal affection. The pressure of the fingers causes the spring of life to flow”.


Shiatsu Anma 

Anma shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”).  Anma has specific effects on the energetic system to balance the disharmony of body and mind through vital points by administrating pressure and rubbing techniques, and kneading, tapping, vibrating and shaking techniques, with the goal of tonifying or sedating for excesses and/or deficiencies within the body and/or mind.


Some benefits of shiatsu Anma include regulation of fatigue, stiffness, rare infections, irregularities of various organs, immune deficiencies, ailments, metabolic trouble and psychosomatic conditions due to an unhealthy lifestyle, as well as constitutional complaints.


A full session can include completion of an intake form, pulse reading, and tongue evaluation, abdominal examination and back yu points examination.  If you would like more information, please contact Ayra regarding appointment length and pricing for this type of shiatsu.